How to get good grades for assignments of a reflection in public health at university level

To obtain good marks in a reflective discussion in public health, candidate must understand the concept of the component of rubrics or list of prerequisites.
1.When we write a reflection, one of the common error is describing experience and observation without demonstrating the reading from text or journal article. The candidate will be awarded low marks in the component of evidence of wide reading on the topic if he/she fails to show understanding of the topic.

2. Usually, at post graduation level, candidates need to show clarity and coherence of the issue of public health. Undoubtedly, clarity and coherence are one of the difficult areas to work in the reflective assignment. However, with reading on public health issue from your university lecture notes may help students to develop a good reflection.
3. A great chunk of marks is awarded with the component of analysis and supporting arguments with research paper. I think the analysis part is your interpretation, however, should be documented with various literature/books/website.
4. The outcome and final synthesis of reflections are where the marker wants to know want finally as a candidate you infer from the reflection.
5. in- and end-text referencing adherence to length and format is also vital to have a good reflective piece at post- graduation level. In my university, one can obtain full marks in these areas of in and end text referencing. Although, this is a small percentage, compared to rest of the task, however, it’s better to look for small components also when writing a reflective piece at university level.

To understand basic of reflection feel free to go on the topic reflection on reflection . A direct link is provided below

Here is a quick overview of an example of reflective assignment mark sheet and feedback from a lecturer during post-graduation years in Edith Cowan University Western Australia

Linking the original draft of reflection submitted for the assignment

example of reflection_publichealth

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