Can you create a WordPress site with academic work

It’s been more than a year, to publish scholarly writing in the field of public health on this website. Many people from different countries visited the webpage for a various search term such as reflection or funnel shape background. Student does read the long documents and tips for their university task .


Naturally, as a writer, it gives me immense satisfaction that my public health updates  can benefit the readers. However, at first, I was reluctant to create this website as I can’t see any point in writing academic issues in a webpage. In fact, one day I was deleting few old assignment from my computer. At that moment I thought if these notes could possibly of some use for the future public health beginners.
Although, I do publish stories on a WordPress blog. However, I was not convinced to start a blog for academic kinds of stuff. Hence, I start writing in webpage format. Gradually, I start collecting a list of different topics on the subject of public health. An unexpected, overwhelming response inspired me to publish authentic and fundamental concepts in the public health. Although, there are several other gigantic websites such as world health organisation are available on the net. However, I feel that purpose of each site is unique and useful. Hence, creativity can amalgamate with the academic pieces of stuff.
Overall, I think instead of throwing notes and material of a subject, it would worth a try to compile on an online platform such as WordPress.

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